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Festival Kompa
Zouk Ontario

14 e/TH Edition

Festival Kompa Zouk Ontario showcases the single largest
gathering of original local, national and international performers than any other festival in central Ontario.

This festival is a celebration of French-Caribbean values through music, dance, cuisine arts and crafts as well as many others components which demonstrate the magnitude and diversity of the Canadian patrimony.

The last editions of the festival were a huge success with more than 100,000 visitors! The public enjoyed performances of artists such as Alan Cave, Emeline Michel , Carimi , Djakout#1 , T-Vice , Zenglen , Gabel , Stevy Mahy , Production Melorize , Tabou Combo , Boukman Eksperyans , KASSAV’ , who contributed to the growing fame of the festival.


Fkzo Sponsors

  • Site partners: Tourism Ontario
  • Programming partners: Ontario Council Arts
  • Corporate site partners: Wesjet, Loblaws, Rdee Ontario
  • Major partners: Rdee Ontario, Tropical water
  • Official suppliers: Molson
  • Media partners: L’express Toronto, CIUT, Toronto.com, Metronews Rogers, le Metopolitain, CPAM, CKUT, CHUO
  • FKZO 2013 Hotel: Radisson Hotel

Calendar Events

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  • July 30Th, 2022
    9:00PM- 1:00AM

  • July 31st, 2022
    2:00PM- 8:00PM
  • After Party
    Dj slim & Dj Scar
    10:00PM- 2:00AM
  • Statements

    Fkzo Advantages

    This festival offers the opportunity to bring upstage budding artists as well as famous performers. FKZO has grown into one of Ontario's premier, bilingual and multicultural family festivals.

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