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Festival de Kompa Zouk Ontario est un organisme culturel qui présente son festival annuel, Festival Kompa Zouk Toronto mettant en valeur le plus grand rassemblement d’artistes locaux, nationaux et internationaux. Cet événement est la meilleure occasion de mettre en exergue la musique, la danse, la cuisine et l’artisanat afro-caribéenne, qui est désormais une partie intégrante du patrimoine culturel Canadien.

Au cours des éditions précédentes ont eu un succès fulgurant avec plus de 2.5 million de visiteurs. Les mordus du festival FKZO ont goûté la crème d’artistes de renommée mondiale tels que Tabou Combo, T-Vice, Alan Cavé, Cave, Klass, Emeline Michel, Carimi, Djakout#1, Izolan, J-Perry, Michael Brun , Zenglen, Gabel, Stevy Mahy, Production Melorize, Tabou Combo, Boukman Eksperyans, M. Franckétienne, Belo, KASSAV’ et tant Ces derniers ont permis de propulser ce festival parmi le Top des 100 meilleurs festivals les plus populaires de la Province Ontarienne.

Des segments à la semaine du Festival : le retour du Festival en Mer , les nuits de Kick off party, les ateliers, et sans oublier de nouveaux ateliers pour les enfants FKZO. Ceci est rendu possible grâce au soutien de nos commanditaires, commanditaires, partenaires, bénévoles et donateurs.

Le Festival FKZO se tiendra du 4 au 7 Août 2023 inclusivement.

À bientôt! Venez- vous épanouir en participant aux ateliers, au kick-off party, du Festival en Mer et du grand concert et brunch party tant attendu au Dundas Square.


Travel/Packages & Visit Toronto

How To Get Here


Toronto Pearson International Airport —
Toronto City Centre Airport —


Via Rail —
GO Transit —


Several highways, including Highways 2, 400, 401, 407 and the Queen Elizabeth Way, link surrounding cities to Toronto. Nearest Canada-U.S. border crossings are at Niagara Falls, Fort Erie and Windsor


[email protected]


US Visitors: For information on travel security and border procedures, visit the U.S. Department of State.
International Visitors: For specific information on travel documents required to visit Canada from countries other than the U.S., please refer to and


City Tours

Tour Toronto by land and watch the past and present come alive as you ride along. Twenty-four passenger coaches accompanied by knowledgeable tour guides pick you up from your down town hotel and take you out on the town!

CN Tower

The CN Tower is one of the world’s tallest buildings as well as Canada’s most recognizable icon. At a height of 553.33m (1,815 ft., 5 inches), the offers breathtaking views of downtown Toronto.

Toronto Islands

Situated on the shores of Lake Ontario, the Toronto Islands separate the city from the lake and deliver plenty of sandy beaches and every kind of entertainment.

Ontario Science Centre

The nine exhibition halls at the Ontario Science Centre are filled with scientific fun and hundreds of interactive exhibits. Popular exhibits include Facing Mars, an interactive exhibit that allows you to “walk on Mars”, test and launch rockets and “fly over” the Martian landscape and the IMAX® Theatre.

Casa Loma

Visit Canada’s Majestic Castle and step back in time to a period of European elegance and splendour. The former home of Canadian financier Sir Henry Pellatt, Canada’s foremost castle is complete with decorated suites, secret passages, an 800-foot tunnel, towers, stables, and beautiful 5-acre estate gardens.


Access to site

The Festival FKZO  is accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. Care and consideration has been taken in planning our festival to ensure wherever possible that:
– Our programs and services are provided in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities
– That our programs and services to people with disabilities and others are integrated, allowing all an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from the Festival.



Purchasing Tickets

Ticketgateway  are committed to providing fully accessible telephone services and offer relay service or communication by email, if telephone communication is not suitable for your needs, or is not available.

Wheelchair accessible seating locations, hearing assist devices and any other special arrangements must be booked over the phone or in person.

Accessible Transportation

Dignity Transportation is Ontario’s largest transportation provider for those with special needs. Tourists with disabilities may also use the Wheel-Trans service for a two week period each year. Tourists must be registered with the specialized transit where they live (ie. wheelchair and scooter users). Call Wheel-Trans reservations at 416-393-4222 to set up your temporary service anytime after 12:00 PM.

Service Animals

The accompaniment of service animals in areas/premises that are open to the public is recognized unless otherwise prohibited by law. In the event that a service animal is excluded from the premises by law, FKZO will explain the reason to the individual and endeavour to make other provisions available. FKZO will defer to and follow any venue specific policies/procedures.

If it is not readily apparent that the animal is a service animal, staff may request proof of verification such as a letter from a physician/nurse confirming that the service animal is required because of a disability or an identification card from the Ministry of the Attorney General.
FKZO anticipates that there will be special situations and is prepared to make every effort to accommodate the circumstances on an individual basis, as they may arise, keeping safety to the visitors, service animals and the performance in mind. At times, due to capacity situations in public areas, visitors with disabilities accompanied by service animals may be advised that the crowded conditions may make it difficult to manoeuvre.
The owner is responsible for the conduct of the service animal and for looking after the service animal’s needs, including the clean-up and disposal of feces. If the service animal is causing a disturbance to other visitors, the visitor and accompanying service animal may be required to leave the area.


Registration Fees:
Craft Vendor (Download Word Application)
Food Vendor (Download Word Application)
All registration fees MUST be PAID in advance by June 30th, 2023.
If you have any questions, please contact us by email @ [email protected] or 


The Festival Kompa Zouk Toronto policy is that no outdoor show will be canceled due to rain unless it’s the City alert cancellation. If an event must be delayed, it will resume as soon as conditions allow and end at the time specified on the programming schedule. More info on the Weather Network website. Please verify alert on the website in case of any environment alert.


In all of its activities, the Festival Kompa Zouk Toronto team is proud to green the festival FKZO and Maximize Recycling – Valorize organic materials.
By encouraging the understanding and engagement of employees, partners and suppliers in sustainable development issues.
By ensuring that the sustainable development initiatives implemented are followed and verified



Buy original Festival gifts and souvenirs from our on-line boutique. 


To buy tickets online, browse our event schedule and choose your concerts.

August 4thTh, 2023
KLASIKO (New group to discover)
9:00PM- 2:00AM

August 5th, 2023
830PM 1:00AM
Boarding (8:00pm)

August 6th, 2023
Festival FKZO & BRUNCH onsite with DUO DU CHEF
4:00PM- 10PM



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    Thank you all for your dedication and commitment. Nou te genyen yon bel festival kompa. Mesi anpil mil fwa!

    Christine Dorcin

    I am so proud of FKZO Team. We are so proud of having this festival in Town. Thank you so much.

    Daniella Beru

    Congrats for your festival! I really enjoy learning about the french creole culture. Nice to hear french @Harbourfront.

    Hyeng Chung

    I love discovering the Creole culture through FKZO events

    Caroline Ferea

    I adopted a child from Haiti, every summer I make sure to participate at FKZO events, in order for her to be connected to the Haitian culture

    Sandra Moskovitch

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